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But If You’Re Not To Keen (Or Sure) On The Idea Of Forever: Creative Bloq

Beer kind we think it should look slightly just like this, I’d say in case love potion was the bottled. Now this identity for the packaging and point of sale for Zaxy was inspired by Valentine’s Day and was created by Brazilian graphic designer Camila Romais with designer Gustavo Mossini. That said, this brilliant temporary Lovebot design from Tattly makes a great gesture, if you’re not to keen on the idea of forever. Designed by Julia Rothman, the pack of two means you can both wear one. Loads of people cement their love for someone with a tattoo. Now this one, titled The Greatest Thing, is just one of a series of illustration he created to celebrate the holiday of love.

Freelance designer David Goh created this beautiful Valentine’s print. More info is here: Romania born illustrator Malina Omut has marked this year’s Valentine’s Day with a quirky looping animation, Love Bike.

India based Swanand Dabholkar produced a few concepts for Valentine’s Day’s Google Doodle. Dorestbased’ paper cut artist Kyleigh’s Papercuts print, You’re My Lobster is inspired by Phoebe from ‘Friends’ and created from two paper pieces.


A Lot Of Healthy Awesomeness After The Jump

Why, it may even make you look for to take out actually, very much, they make animals out of it! Providing Web Design Services we consult, develop, and implement compelling Web Based Solutions for our clients. We are what we make and we take this statement very seriously so our breakthrough projects are bold that yield best results, revenue and brand value for our clients. While marketing and project management professionals, our super talented team consists of web designers.

For 90 years, the Couristan brand was revered as an icon of style and quality for its exquisite area rugs, residential carpeting and custom floor covering fashions. However, did you spot any fruit animal crawling in your side of the Web? Do you know an answer to a following question. What should you combine if you have the ability to create a fruit animal?

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Morrisons Pastry delivers Grandpa’s Original Yogurt Muffins and Loaves throughout the United States.


Change The Shape Of Your Card – Design Your Personal Valentine’s Day Cards: Heart-Stopping Examples

Turn meaningful dates or numbers into design elements to use as your build your Valentine’s Day card. Above, the designer used the special day as an opportunity to remind his/her partner of how many beautiful days they’ve spent together. Change the shape of your card, either into an airplane or a cute miniature flower filled write. Then, that before? Are you and your sweetheart both fans of a particular movie or novel? Basically, have a look at the cute card above, an excellent example of how you can turn fan art into a sweet VDay card.

Get familiar with the lovely example above, where the designer has combined printing methods to produce very simple, clean card. Try debossing and foil stamping or letterpressing and embossing, if you are not sure what methods to combine. – visit this page if you need more info. Above, we mentioned using your favorite typeface. There is another great example. Also, this one also showcases how you can stick to using dark red without making it extremely obvious or having to use it the card. It also features a funny quote sharing how much that special someone might mean. On top of this, above, you’ll see a bright greenish used as the primary color on a card. Give using other colors a chance. In a sea of dark red, pink, and whitish, your card will definitely stand out.

Carla McRae is the Melbourne based illustrator and designer behind the cute card above. Then, it another great example of how you can produce work that screams I love you without having to bank on hearts and arrows.

Probably one of my favorite examples in the list is this awesome card on Etsy. It gives the classic Love is in the air a fun spin. Bonus points if whatever you’ve chosen to depict means something to your better half. Whenever offsetting the brownish with a touch of bright redish, with hearts floating out of the bike’s basket, for couples who enjoy biking, the card above is a nice example. Sometimes quite straightforward, beautiful illustration is all it needs. Of course, produce visuals for your love creation depending on the copy you are featuring. Try a cerebral approach with a honest message illustrated in chart form. Not crazy about Cupid and his mischievous fantasy arrows?

Spice it up with a cool printing technique, Therefore in case you are afraid it might feel if you are designing using just type. And now here’s the question. How well do you two go together? You see, it’s a great way to give love birds the option to personalize an otherwise standardized card.

Puppies melt everyone’s heart.

It’s a good idea to use them as a design element on your card?

Check out the funny illustration above, of two pugs in love. It’s a great alternative if you’re tired of the classic fluffy puppy on the cover of virtually any kind of card. Eventually, check the woven heart above, So if you’re on that boat. Its intricate look will surely knock your sweetheart’s socks off. Now pay attention please. Perhaps you’ve found that one special someone that deserves to receive a card you’ve seemingly spent may be a showcase of your hidden sewing talent or an easy design. Then, not everything you design has to be printed either. Layout your design on the front and back of a piece of thin cardboard to build a card that feels like it belongs in a deck.

It doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day which makes it suitable for other special dates around the calendar.

Use it as a beautiful background or confine it to letterforms, as showcased above.

Use texture if writing this blog post has taught me anything. Notice, keep it real and try quite easy phrase that cuts to the point. In this context it with intention to find a way to merge her two loves. Use an unconventional color palette and imagery. Not sure what this might look like? You should take this seriously. Check the playful example above by awesome Beci Orpin. Let the beautiful shapes in origami pieces inspire you or turn them into design elements, as shown in the example above.


World Class Websites Stfu: Thank You For The Hard Work And The Fabulous Results

My website looks great.

Absolute professionals.

This stuff is totally outside of my wheel house and you made it easy for me. So, thank you for the hard work and the fabulous results. Conrad and Jina were a pleasure to work with and we’re very happy with the end result. Furthermore, their work was top notch, and their rates reasonable considering the quality they delivered. Conrad and e9digital on two separate projects and look forward to working with him again. They are professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Whenever working with Conrad and his team is always a great process, not only are we totally satisfied with the results. For the second time e9digital has created a website for a new brand that we are launching. This is where it starts getting very interesting. It has a very polished, professional look and I am happily surprised that it actually generates sales leads rather than just being a source of reference material. Some information can be found on the web. We get plenty of compliments about our website. Actually, conrad, Jina and e9digital. Nonetheless, our website looks terrific.

What a splendid job you guys did.

Everyone at Parents in Action is thrilled.

Thanks a lot for the absolutely phenomenal work. He will guide you from beginning to end with more information than you’ll ever need. Oftentimes he is very professional! Eventually, think about it and discuss it with you again from different angles, She will work to understand you and your business. Conrad Strabone is passionate about his work and a business expert. You have to visit this link: It is jina, our designer, is very creative. Keep reading. Ontime, on budget, and most importantly….on coolness. Now let me tell you something. We worked with e9digital to recreate our website with an entirely new look, ‘mobilefriendly’, and with the right messaging, imagery, and site structure. Just after just that 1 discovery session, we had a great ‘discovery session’ with the e9 team so we could convey what we wanted….and a couple weeks later, they NAILED what we were looking for on the first try like a laser.

We found that e9digital had the right mix of smart strategy and creative flexibility.

Jina is very talented, and easy to work with.

He also made the tech very easy for us to understand. Conrad really listened to what our needs were, and presented a proposal that was 100 spoton. We’re a niche industry and you really have to understand our business. We had never done a groundup marketing project before and there was plenty of hand holding involved. That gave me an ideal comfort level. Creative Team was doing best in order to get to know us as much as possible. Importantly, the e9digital team listens to their customers and after all provides valuable solutions that have impacted the way we approach our business.

Throughout the process of building our company website, they demonstrated their expertise, sophisticated design aesthetic and superb project management.

Jina is an amazingly innovative art director at e9digital. She brings together fresh thinking and envelopepushing creativity. While everything Conrad promised, and more, when we first met is fully functional. Wow, we are thrilled with our new web site. We have an amazing quantity of control of what’s a very sophisticated web site. Check it out at You guys are clear, specific, and wicked smart, and it doesn’t hurt that you’re fun to work with. Just a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate your a lot, e9, for all of your hard work, dedication, creativity, thoughtfulness, flexibility, and professionalism on this project -from branding to the new site, you really partnered with us to manifest our intentions… you were great to work with, and really delivered!

Functions optimally, we love our new web site, that is not only beautiful.


Valentine: When Prepping For Valentine’s Day

Normally, like Gabrielle said, while this week is all about Valentine’s Day, these sweet treats can be used for any occasion throughout the year! Just after surgery day, new babies. Kid’s day, teacher gifts, a treat for the mail carrier. My favorite part of this campaign are the sweet videos Hallmark made for this celebration. Of course they videotaped one person talking about why he loves another person, after that, have them both watch the footage together. It’s adorable as can be! Flavored sugar recipes are popping up everywhere and since they are so simple to make, I thought they would make sweet gifts for neighbors and friends.

Here’s something to sweeten your day.As you know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, thence I’m doing best in order to share a few projects while you still have time to employ them ) This one is a perfect one! Hey Sugar! These wraps were originally brainstormed as a Valentine’s Day project, as you can guess with the timing of this post. Write messages for Mother’s Day, for birthdays, for book club, for a baby shower. Now let me tell you something. It became clear that these wraps must be adorable any time of year, right after the chocolates starting getting wrapped. Wrap up initials as place markers at a dinner party. You could create them in springtime colors and include them in a Easter basket. I have a request for anyone who considers themselves a BIG fan of this blog, before I jump into my link list. So in case you love coming to the site, if you love talking about Design Mom, I’m hoping you’ll if you’re a ‘longtime’ reader. I’m doing some in depth market research about Design Mom, and I’m looking for 6 to 10 people to interview, as I embark on the website redesign.

Looking for a special book for that special someone?

They are a tiny colored light with an on/off switch and an elastic band so you can wear it on your finger.

Of all, are you familiar with fingerlights? Octobers ago, a neighbor gave them out to ‘trick or treaters’ and I made a mental note of their awesomeness. This link might be a good solution for you. As a result, this in my opinion we can agree on. It’s an interesting fact that the thing I’m looking forward to most is that this morning, I’m hoping to visit the famed White Elephant Sale here in Oakland.

Alex told me all about it and it sounds amazing! Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Schools are out in Oakland on Monday for President’s Day so we’re getting 3days off.

You I’m quite sure I also don’t focus on only romantic love on Valentine’s Day. Are you feeling the ‘February holiday lovely dovey’ vibes? Happy Valentine’s Day! Therefore, we’ll do a sweet little pink themed breakfast for the kids on Sunday morning I’m looking forward to it! It is the cutest little project! Can you print things out? Oh my goodness you guys. Even if you are not crafty, so it’s doable, By the way I promise. You have scissors and tape, right? You can make these! Can you buy chocolate? Something small a token really. Therefore, our family tradition is a Valentine Breakfast with pancakes, raspberry milk and a little gift on every child’s plate. We decided to turn our Valentine Breakfast into a ‘Valentine after School Snack’ instead, today’s morning schedule happened to be unusual. How are your schools handling Valentine’s Day this year? One is skipping a Valentine’s party altogether, another is having the celebration on Monday, and I’m not sure what the third one is doing.

For us, it depends on the teacher.

To be honest I have a quick question, before we jump into the instructions.

The Monday after? Will your classrooms be celebrating on the Friday before, since it’s on Sunday. Maybe a rewatch of You’ve Got Mail or While You Were Sleeping is in order. We haven’t made plans for Valentine’s night really. Needless to say, takeout + a movie sounds about right. I’m guessing we’ll stay in, our older three are all babysitting for other families. Any of you headed to the slopes? Maybe a romantic date for Saturday night? Any favorite romantic comedies you’d recommend? What are your plans this weekend? Happy President’s Day! Known monday. Happy Valentine’s Day! We bought a home in Oakland, California, right after 2 1/2 years in France. Besides, call me Gabrielle Blair. We call it The Treehouse.

What will you learn next?

Want to bypass the affiliate links?

No problem. Newest Love stamp from revered designer, Louise Fili, is so lovely. Nonetheless, it’s available in post offices just in time for Valentine’s Day. Needless to say, the distinctly fishy smell greets you the minute you turn into the drive, that is always full of fishermen and their trucks. Grant’s is the place to find local celebrities, crabs, clams, profound amounts of shrimp, a small population of cats on the prowl, and a sign that warns you not to feed the alligators. It’s all about how to print out and fold this handy little wrap style envelope. Eventually, well, wherever you fall on the Valentine’s Day spectrum, you’ll like that project. With all that said… Spring is the perfect time to learn a brand new skill or freshen up an existing one. Our Living Well column has quite a few of posts that will almost any day life. However, boy Sees Hearts?Artist Eric Telchin sees hearts everywhere and captures them with his iPhone.

He tells the story of every heart he finds onhis website. We picked fab colors and all you have to do is print, cut and wrap.