Creative Bloq: We Couldn’T Agree More

Already creating sites for television networks, digital agencies, charities and businesses, it’s clear that their site has impressed almost everyone.

Looking closely, you’ll see that they’re created with CSS borders and transforms.

The arrows are consistent throughout the design, similar to when exploring the work area. Maier and Shelton used a combination of CSS3 and JavaScript to build the infographic. That said, essentials was created to complement Daniel Eckler’s Kickstarter campaign for a better backpack. It worked. Creating fresh websites and community solutions, Amazee Labs at bring your brand to the online world on the basis of the modern open source framework Drupal. Make sure you write adding a contact is accomplished via a simpletouse form that features pure CSS select writees that Kneife fully crafted, after creating an account. Whenever adding transparency, and the use of -‘webkitappearance’, he reveals, This involved masking the select writees on the forms with an outer div.

Whenever bringing a cheerful personality to the work, designer Robby Leonardi’s home features colourful illustrations and cartoon styles.

Down the page, CSS rotation transforms are used to move the gears on the sides of the viewing area.

Background images are layered to create neat horizontal parallax effects in the header area. It’s the great examples of CSS being used to create amazing visuals. This is where it starts getting entertaining, right? The site is as enjoyable to use as it was to create. It was a really rich experience giving me the ability to create something unique that was simply me, says developer Christophe Dumont. Notice, during development, Dumont used Zurb’s Foundation.

Then again, cSS framework built with Sass. Stylus opens to reveal its inner workings, from the Bluetooth chip, to the battery and 14kt gold plated sensors in its tip giving the user the feeling that they’re purchasing something special, as you scroll. With HTML5 and CSS3, built on NewfangledCMS, Newfangled’s proprietary PHP based CMS, the site responds beautifully to different device sizes.

Now look, the new system is now automated to ensure that the label’s assets are all centrally managed and available. Philadelphiabased company Ticketleap helps event creators build landing pages for audiences to understand more information or buy tickets. Examples of CSS don’t get a whole lot better than this! Founded by Brian Dwyer, Pizza Brain is the world’s first Pizza Museum and restaurant. Also, built using the trusty old web stack of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the responsive Pencil site brings the product to life with bold imagery, slick animations and ‘perfectly crafted’ copy. Notice, solo is an allinone project management tool geared towards use by freelancers. We all know that working in the design industry can sometimes become monotonous. Nonetheless, mammothReach utilised the rotate transform property with a large spiralling burst image that’s in constant rotation.

Fun content slides in as you visit the different sections of the site with animated style properties. Educational narrative is told through a series of singlepage chapters, every detailing the very real complications at play in the ongoing effort to end the illegal act of killing elephants for their tusks. Fun and useful illustrations are used throughout. Rounded corners, ribbons and clever hover states keep the site engagement entertaining. Azzarelli says he enjoyed developing the site on the basis of user analytics. http://topwebdesignny.com Remember, while the main focus stays on the portfolio, users are drawn in by hints of scrolling animation and parallax functions. Design studio Caava has a beautiful new site. Site displays the app’s functionality and screen states atop an iPad mockup, with intention to achieve that. States update in the demo, as you scroll through the onepage site. You should take this seriously. I know that the team took advantage of the Skeleton boilerplate to I know that the site promoting the product has quite a few of CSS3 awesomeness.

Whenever catering only for modern web browsers, explains Jerome Iveson, designer of the app, hTML5 and CSS3 from the offset.

Only three per cent of the visitors to our site use Internet Explorer. You’ll see these CSS rules in action throughout this design, that makes project management more playful with a plethora of colourful CSS write shadows. Its goal was to give the audience a better anticipation of who we are as a company, explains developer Richard Herrera, when big name digital agency RED Interactive redesigned its site. Considering the above said. Whenever keeping the experience cohesive, scrolling through the site, arrows that tie the different sections together animate top and left positions. BucketListly is a community that sets out to lifespan while inspiring others to price tags contain HTML text, rotated with transforms. Playful site uses an assemblage of CSS properties to craft this custom design. Future of Car Sharing, a collaboration between Collaborative Fund and Hyperakt with support from Startup America Partnership, is packed with information on the increasingly popular alternative to car ownership. Beautiful, edgetoedge photography and magazinelike layout made the effort to build it responsively a challenge. Front and centre is the haunting art direction that compels you to stop and confront the emotional mission. By the way, the site was built ‘mobile first’, instead of starting with the desktop. For example, the most important examples of CSS in action -and keep your eye on the site as more is expected to come. Then the use of @fontface to serve Metroscript and Century Gothic fonts creates a custom, enjoyable type system. Anyway, web designer and illustrator Nolowene Nowak has created a fun online portfolio -a great example of CSS being used to brilliant effect.

Resizing the site or viewing it on a mobile phone makes it easy to see the layout adapt for different screen sizes and resolutions.

Removed them, he tells us, clark started with ‘more crazy’ CSS3 transitions and fades.

The large header and welldesigned episode list conveys that there’s a personal touch to this design. Lies in creating a great experience for users through a layout and navigation that guide them to where they seek for to go quickly and effortlessly, at its core the secret to a great website ain’t about showing off with slick visuals and ‘whizz bang’ features. More info is here: http://topwebdesignny.com. It’s the personal project of graphic designer José Guizar, who explains that the site is an ode to architecture. Windows of NYC is a weekly illustrated collection celebrating something away from the buzz of a city of New York. Life In My Shoes is a powerful ‘multi platform’ campaign aimed atyoung people that challenges the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds HIV.

Web agency Station Four has undergone a rebranding process and designed a really new website to better its personality and brand. US based’ Viget Labs has created an awareness focused web experience to enlist support for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s mission to protect African elephants. Life in Greenville takes a look at living and working in Greenville, South Carolina. Therefore this was not an easy feat. Dong. Site is responsive and built with HTML5, CSS3, web fonts and, ofcourse. A well-known fact that is. Dangers of Fracking is a colourful and engaging web infographic that explains the controversial process of natural gas fracturing.

From the team behind the incredible Paper iPad app comes Pencil, a new stylus designed specifically for use with Paper. Basically the design is a great piece of web design inspiration -clean, crisp, and makes great use of almost white space. Brand font, Houshka Rounded Medium, was implemented using font face to give the website a fresh look and feel. For example, adds Mehta, in order to have any post on its own rounded rectangle content section was actually borrowing from the visual language found on izza Brain’s business cards. Basically, fonts Pacifico Regular and Bebas Neue are paired with a warm, pizza like colour palette creating a friendly aesthetic that’s easy to read while still exciting and fun. He explains, I’m pretty sure I combined all of those renderings into a single image, and change the CSS left property whenever the user scrolls the page.

Wooden blocks were created out of Leonardi’s rendering of 3D models.

For smaller screens, the legibility of the type in the interview content hasn’t been forgotten.

From the moment you load Women Tech, you’re drawn in by its large photos -and a design that scales up wonderfully for bigger displays. Get yourself familiar with the hover effects on the Pies page. Then the attention to detail shines through for any page. Actually the project thumbnails have a large hover area that take advantage of the opacity property by clearly distinguishing the hover state. This is the case. Work section features a curated layout, that allows the portfolio to feel especially original.

Lead designer and frontend developer Martin Pospisil of Madeo enjoyed working on the site.

This shows in the fun factor of the site.

The design is simple, yet effective, in that the sections are clearly distinguishable. Another unique touch are the lightwrite popups. I know that the buttons on this site are set apart as actionable by the shadow imaging underneath. Essentials website focuses on these traits as well. Backpack developed by Mijlo is designed to be sustainable, timeless and simple. They spoke to their friends and asked a hundred global creatives to take photos of their essentials, the items they couldn’t live without. Icons and colourful statistic graphics By the way, the site design is bright and lively. It is the site greets you with Kulturista typeface at an attention grabbing 53px font size on top of a ‘full width’, responsive hero image. That said, the clean design keeps you engaged and wanting to learn more with the easily, accessible content. Look, there’re effectively three the site versions because Dealing with older browsers proved somewhat tricky, very much.

Whenever using Bézier curves and applying the objects location using CSS3 3D transforms, as Reng details, the tree itself is built with WebGL and the basic structure of the code follows a typical game engine where a main loop is constantly running, and an object’s new place in the environment is calculated by re creating the effect of forces similar to gravity, velocity and friction.

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