If We Skip Forward 1

I’d say in case we skip forward 1500 years to Bronze Age Egypt, and, you a lot more common.

When a new element of high status underwear entered the fray, bentham had lived through the fashioncrazed 18th century.

It was only their credibility and bank balance that suffered, corsetry was commonly well known on the preening male Macaroni.

Women, moreover, may be physically damaged by the trend for ‘tight lacing’, that reached its nadir in the 19th century when the idealised female form was for tiny waists but broad hips. You see, tablet 346 of the famous Vindolanda tablets states. Given the balmy climate, few Romans required socks, and indeed they’ve been considered a sign of northern barbarism -though archaeological excavations at Vindolanda Fort, the Roman military camp just south of Hadrian’s Wall, show that the bitter Scottish wind required Now, a bit of a rethink on that.

Sattua, two sandals pairs and two pairs of underpants.

Behind the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day lies a fascinating history that can be traced back to ancient Rome.

With romantic Brits spending an estimated 6 billion last year on cards and gifts, it has become amongst the key dates on the commercial calendar.

There had been a few early trendsetters, men continued tucking their shirt under their naughty bits well into the 1800s. While king Charles I wore 13 inchlong silk boxers, tightened around his regal waist with ribbons, James I and VI, off the throne -was said to go to bed in rough woollen drawers, light green socks and a light red vest, making him presumably resemble one of Santa’s Christmas elves, while the diminutive King William II and I -who booted Charles’s Catholic brother. More info is here: http://topwebdesignny.com. Relying on layers of petticoats, then, most Western women only slipped into their drawers in the early 1800s, and by the 1840s these then evolved into the risqué pantalettes that frilled decoratively around the calves. This crushing of the ribs with whalebone corsets inevitably could cause irreparable damage to the body.

Possibly didn’t bother with knickers at all. Seem to have donned the long smock beneath their heavier dresses. In 2012 building work at a medieval Austrian castle revealed a hidden vault beneath the 15th century floorboards, and in this ‘time capsule’ were found four medieval bras with ‘shoulder straps’. In ancient Rome, pants were known as subligaculum -an unisex garment made of leather and sometimes linen, available as shorts or loincloth, worn by gladiators, actors, and soldiers. http://topwebdesignny.com Notice, female performers, however, are known to have also worn an additional ‘boob tube’ -a flat bit of stretched cloth -to protect their modesty. You should take this seriously. We might soon be donning our sexiest pulling pants for Valentine’s Day, or even that hideous novelty posing pouch given to us at Christmas as a joke, while lots of us trudge around in our comfy cotton briefs bought in a bargain multipack at MS.

Unless that’s exactly what it’s meant for, Strangely, underwear is not meant to be seen. Underwear is a curious form of clothing. While leaving in its wake just the supportive fabric girdle that connected the brassiere to the hold up stockings and knickerbockers, by the early 20th century the fashion for ‘boned corseting’ dwindled.

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