So This One Titled The Greatest Thing: Creative Bloq

Freelance designer David Goh created this beautiful Valentine’s print. With that said, this one, titled The Greatest Thing, is just one of a series of illustration he created to celebrate the holiday of love. Romaniaborn illustrator Malina Omut has marked this year’s Valentine’s Day with a quirky looping animation, Love Bike. Beer kind we think it would look somewhat really like this, So in case love potion was the bottled. With that said, this identity for the packaging and point of sale for Zaxy was inspired by Valentine’s Day and was created by Brazilian graphic designer Camila Romais with designer Gustavo Mossini. http://topwebdesignny.com Dorestbased’ paper cut artist Kyleigh’s Papercuts print, You’re My Lobster is inspired by Phoebe from ‘Friends’ and created from two paper pieces. Designed by Julia Rothman, the pack of two means you can both wear one. Certainly, many people cement their love for someone with a tattoo. So this brilliant temporary Lovebot design from Tattly makes a great gesture, I’d say in case you’re not to keen on the idea of forever. Indiabased Swanand Dabholkar produced a few concepts for Valentine’s Day’s Google Doodle.

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