With A Tagline That Says: Mashable

On top of perspectives on the industry all in all, started in 1997 as a mailing list, A List Apart is an online magazine with a focus on web design and development commentary.

Chrome Experiments is from the people behind Google, as the name suggests.

The site features select projects in the creative coding community, all built in HTML5 and JavaScript with ‘opensource’ tools. http://topwebdesignny.com Although, aldhous also cited chartsnthings as a source of inspiration. National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting is part of Investigative Reports and Editors. Missouri School of Journalism. Founded in 2012, Polygon is dedicated to video game news, features and reviews geared toward both professionals and consumers. Aldhous also follows Rbloggers, a blog dedicated to the open source R language used by statisticians for web development data analysis. A well-known fact that is. Wong also keeps up with the blog of Charles Apple, a visual journalist and former graphics director of The Virginian Pilot and The Des Moines Register.

Essential tool for collaborative coding, GitHub is a staple in the opensource community.

More info is here: http://topwebdesignny.com. Hurt points to Smashing Magazine as a resource for coding and web design.

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